Attractions of the area

Attractions of the area

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The Chlapowo Ravine is located in the Polish Coastal Landscape Park and undoubtedly constitutes the greatest attraction of Chlapowo. Pristine nature, lush vegetation and picturesque surroundings encourage visitors to take long walks. All hiking enthusiasts can take advantage of a bonfire place, as well as designated paths with benches, footbridges and stairs. 

 Ocean Park – have you ever felt as if you were on the bottom of the ocean? Taking a stroll mere inches away from sharks, orcas or whales? Now it’s possible! In Ocean Park, not only do we have the chance to admire life-size models of sea animals, but also learn many interesting things about marine life. 20 hectares overflowing with attractions, including a waterfall, sharks, a fishing village, an arcade, maxi building blocks, bonfires and many, many more! 

 Lighthouse in Rozewie 

 Seal aquarium in Hel 

 Harbour in Wladyslawowo 

 The Sports Walk of Fame in Wladyslawowo